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What is Feeding on Your Mental Energy?

What is Mental Energy?

Mental energy is a mood, but can also be defined as ability or willingness to engage in cognitive work.


Some experts describe mental energy as a mood state where you feel productive, motivated, and prepared to get things done.


Mental energy may be understood as the ability or willingness to engage in cognitive work. It is distinct from physical energy, and has mood, cognition, and motivation domains. Concepts closely related to mental energy include vigor and fatigue. Mental energy is not well-defined, and the scientific literature on mental energy is quite limited. A variety of measures for assessing aspects of mental energy exist – Wikipedia

Mental Energy Synonyms – What is Feeding on Your Mental Energy?

  • Motivation
  • Need
  • Incitement
  • Psychic Energy
  • Provocation
  • Incitation
  • verve
  • vim
  • liveliness
  • life
  • spirit
  • vitality
  • vigour
  • sprightliness
  • muscularity

7 Ways To Boost and Increase Your Mental Energy

Exercise regularily and keep fit

Drink adequate mounts of water to hydrate your body

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you

Practise meditation and mindfulness

Focus your energy on task at a time.

Challenge your mind to develop and increase it’s power

Eat a healthy diet

What is Feeding on Your Mental Energy?

What is Feeding Your Mental Energy

Find out what is feeding on your mental energy and protect your ideas! “Every idea is a living thing that feeds upon the mental energy, the thoughts, moods, attitudes, and beliefs of the individual mind.” – Rev. Ike


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