The Law of Correspondence

The law of Correspondence states that the Universe is made up of patterns and similarities which repeat throughout the universe, and that prominent patterns are found to be repeating within smaller patterns. The Law of Correspondence is directly related to the Law of Oneness

What is Correspondence?

  • a close similarity, connection, or equivalence.
  • a connection between two things
  • the agreement of things with one another
  • the action of writing, receiving, and reading letters, especially between two people
  • the act of sending and receiveing written communications
  • a relation between sets in which each member of one set is associated with one or more members of the other

More Definitions of The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence states that what happens around us, is a direct reflection of what is happening within us; Our internal environments determine our external environments.

This law states that patterns repeat throughout the universe, and on a personal level, our reality is a mirror of what’s happening inside us at that moment. Think “As above, so below. As within, so without.”

According to the law of correspondence, your circumstances are a mirror of your inner being

he Law of Correspondence states that there is always a correspondence between the outer world and the inner world – “as within, so without”

According to this principle, there is resonance between our inner and outer worlds. Our surroundings, relationships, and life experiences are all mirrors that reflect the states of our minds and spirits.
The law of correspondence
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At the point when you wind up having a negative encounter, perceive that some place there is disharmony in your internal world, and your external world is mirroring that back to you. All in all, your Perfect representation isn’t of the Genuine Self; it is of the harmed self. You are being demonstrated the progressions that should be made and the spots in your subliminal that should be mended.

At the point when a pessimistic inclination is set off, it is essential to require the investment to comprehend the reason why you are feeling a specific way and how you are responding to it. Is it safe to say that you are connecting with your Higher Self or to your actual self? This is a significant thought since when you access your Heavenly Brain, the higher piece of your reality, then you permit that reflection of your I Am Presence, which is Who You Genuinely Are, to be uncovered inside your actual body.

So when you set aside some margin to change the pessimistic inward contemplations and sentiments into positive assertions, that is the point at which you are really lining up with your Internal Truth. It is a second in time where you permit the genuine Soul of You to turn into the Actual You.

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