Winner versus loser mindset

Winner Vs Loser Mindset

Do you want to be a winner? Is being a winner in the genes or can we learn to be winners? All of us have been a winner and a loser at a particular point in our lives. It is of importance to understand the winner vs loser mindset if you want to improve your attitude and behaviors. What separates the winners from the losers is the driving or dominant thoughts and behaviors.

In this article I will talk about the winner vs loser mindset. If you have discovered how to be a winner, congratulation. If you want to get rid of the loser mindset and start winning this is the time. If you wondered how the successful people did it, read through.

Hope you do not get mad or take it personal, we all suffer from or dwell on one of these behaviors at a certain time. It is not personally addressed to you or anybody in that matter but its the attitude and behavior we want to improve and empower.

A winner makes mistakes and admits that they are wrong. A loser makes mistakes and says it was not their fault

A winner embraces Love and helps others. A Loser resents Love but wants help from others

A winner will work through a problem. A loser will go round the problem

A winner works harder and smarter and still has time. A loser works less but is always busy and has no time.

A winner says they are sorry and makes up for it. A Loser says they are sorry and but does the same thing next time

A winner knows what to fight for and what to compromise on. A loser compromises on what they should fight for and fights for what is not worth fighting for.

A winner is focused on where they are going. A loser is focused on where they are not going

A winner inspires those who have not achieved. A loser looks down on those who have not achieved

A winner knows you can learn form anybody. A loser resents learning from anybody

A winner takes on more responsibility than is required. A loser will do less than required.

A winner is always looking for a better way for themselves and others. A loser is always looking for a better way just for themselves.

A winner looks for ways that others can be impressed by their own personal achievements. A loser is looking for ways that others can be impressed by their achievements

A winner forgives but does not let it happen again. A loser does not forgive and will let it happen again.

A winner understands that they do not know it all. A loser understands that they know it all

A winner loves to listen and accept feedback. A loser does not want to listen but gives feedback.

A winner is grateful for all the positive and negative events that happen. A loser resents all the positive and negative events that do not happen.

A winner acknowledges that whatever adversity they face, they will become successful. A loser gives up when the going gets tough

A winner develops a routine in their daily life. A loser takes action when it is convenient

A winner does not seek to be always right. A loser seeks to be always right

A winner motivates you. A loser manipulates you

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A winner leads by example. A loser loses my example

A winner does not take advice from losers. A loser does not take advice from winners

A winner implements proven systems that work. A loser implements proven systems that do not work

A winner will find a reason to do it. A loser will find an excuse not do it

A winner will say try me. A loser will say why me

believe in yourself. have faith in your ability

A winner aims to find the cause. A loser aims to find the effect

A winner tells you what you do not want to hear. A loser tells you what you want to hear

A winner wants to love you. A loser wants to be loved.

A winner gives from the heart. A loser receives from the heart.

A winner wins at winning. A loser wins at losing

A winner has a solution for every problem. A loser has a problem for every solution

A winner aims to do it the first time. A loser aims to do it numerous times

A winner will fall in a pit once. A loser will fall in the same pit more than once

A winner will focus on developing themselves first and then help others. A loser will focus on developing and helping others first.

A winner will think before they speak. A loser will speak before they think.

A winner knows what is going to happen if they do not step up and change their ways. A loser knows what is going to happen if others do not step up and change their ways

A winner wants everyone to be the one. A loser wants to be the only one

A winner takes a step backward to look forward. A loser takes a step backward to look backward.

A winner will stand up and take the hit from others. A loser will stand up and hit others

A winner rides the wind to blow them to their destination. A loser is blown by the wind to any destination

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A winner know whats happening before getting involved. A loser gets involved then asks whats happening.

A winner will do today’s work today. A loser will do today’s work tomorrow

A winner does not fear competition. A loser fears and trembles at the thought of competition

A winner does not put all their trust in their strength. A loser puts all their trust in their strength.

A winner is unique but does not seek to be unique from everyone. A loser is not unique buts seeks to be unique from everyone

A winner will tell you all the reasons why it is possible. A loser will tell you all the reasons why it is not possible

A winner will acknowledge your weakness and find ways to help you. A loser will acknowledge your weakness and find ways to expose you

A winner will spread the good news about you. A loser will spread the bad news about you

A winner will shake your hand and acknowledge you beat them. A loser will shake your hand and backbite you when you beat them.

A winner will step in or out of your way for you to win. A loser will step in or out of your way for you to lose.

A winner will he happy for you to win no matter the case. A loser will be happy for you to win as long as its not better than them

A winners takes action even when it is uncomfortable. A loser takes action only when it is comfortable

A winner seeks for the Path of Least Resistance. A loser seeks the Path of Most resistance

A winner will promise and then deliver. A loser will promise and not deliver

A winner attracts those who love them. A loser chases those who do not love them

A winner stands when the heavens shake. A loser falls when the heavens shake

A winner does not force others to follow their way. A loser forces others to follow their way

A winner understands why people leave losers. A loser does not understand why people leave them

A winner understands that life goes on whether they believe or not. A loser thinks that life will not go on if they do not believe

A winner understands that with or without them life goes on. A loser understands that without them life will stop


A winner listens to understand. A loser listens to reply

A winner thinks big and expects big. A loser thinks small but expects big

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