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Kicking off on January 25th, my friends at Thinkific are putting on a free virtual event called Amplify 2021. This event will cover how you can cultivate a successful online business and level up your digital course content to make a bigger impact on your audience.

How To Improve Your Vocabulary

Successful communication is based on a great understanding of vocabulary.
Knowing how to use the right word for the right effect and understanding makes you an effective communicator.

Build Better Websites and Funnels

In this day and age, any business that wants to thrive must go online. With so many things going on around the world, and global changes. This will forever impact the way people live and do business. Going online is no longer just an option. Not only to maintain theirRead More

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Give yourself the tools you need to realize your potential. For only $396, you’ll get 6 months of Thinkific Pro+Growth for the price of 4. Plus, we’re adding over $1200 in bonus training and tools to help you level up your online course business.

Are You Looking For Positive Change?

If you are an Author, Speaker, Thought Leader, Coach, Consultant, Real Estate Professional or Investor, you DO NOT want to miss this 3 day, experiential, online event.

Ready To Implement Everything You’ve Learned In Your Business?

Hi There!!How long have you been dreaming of setting up your first online course? You know online courses are a smart move for your business – it’s like cloning yourself a thousand times, and what entrepreneur hasn’t dreamed of that? But the last thing you need is to waste yourRead More

Conscious Uprising Virtual Networking + Conference

Are you ready to  Give, Receive & Share?    Join Sesh and other Global Influencers and fast track your growth and opportunities.  Join us on Sunday 19th July 2020 from 3-8pm UK time (9 am-2 pm US central time) for Conscious Uprising: Age of the Conscious Entrepreneur. CLICK HERE TORead More

Emerald Book Club Online Meeting – Who Do You Think You Are?

EMERALD BOOK CLUB is a Community Group on a mission to Inspire and Develop Readers Writers and Authors in Society When you see yourself 100 percent, when you have the highest possible regard for yourself and expect to be able to create a positive, successful life for yourself then anythingRead More

How To Earn 250K As An Authority In Your Field

Having the lifestyle you want with your business has nothing to do with tactics. It has to do with strategy. Things like:  What kind of product should I offer? Where should I go first to find clients? What about after that? How will I know it’s time to hire someone?Read More