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Exponential Mindset

One of the most powerful mindsets you can cultivate is an exponential mindset. An exponential mindset demands utilizing every available resource to its fullest potential and taking necessary risks to rapidly increase growth and achieve success. This means setting clear, achievable goals that will propel you forward while measuring your progress regularly so you stay focused on achieving exponential results. With a laser focus on exponential gains and a plan in place to maximize your resources, you will be well on your way to achieving success and realizing exponential growth.

What is Your “Mindset”

  • a person’s way of thinking and their opinions
  • a mental inclination or disposition
  • collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits
  • collection of beliefs and thoughts that make up the mental attitude, inclination, habit or disposition that predetermines a person’s interpretations and responses to events, circumstances and situations.
  • An attitude, disposition, or mood. (
  • The ideas and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation, esp when these are seen as being difficult to alter. (World English Dictionary.)
  • The established set of attitudes held by someone. (Oxford Dictionary)
  • a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools.”
  • A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. (The Free Dictionary)
  • A mental inclination, tendency, or habit. ( – Medical Dictionary)
  • A person’s usual attitude or mental state is his or her mindset. (
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Other Words Which Mean The Same as Mindset


What is an Exponential Mindset?

Below are definitions from various sources

Someone with an exponential mindset might look at the past and see that it took five years to get where they are today. Then, they would set a goal to get to where they want to be in only two years. They believe they can use their past momentum and successes to accelerate their progress,successes%20to%20accelerate%20their%20progress.

The exponential mindset helps you become comfortable with uncertainty and more ambitious with your vision.

I believe that an Exponential Mindset is 1 of the 6 critical Mindsets for a leader and entrepreneur to actively develop and firmly command.

Exponential mindset means mind that observes carefully, analyse cause and effect, think before action

An exponential mindset is obtained as you start to change with innovation, rather than just getting better.

Believing that Failure is learning and an integral part of the process

Developing an Exponential Mindset

Developing an exponential mindset is essential in order to achieve success. This means understanding how exponential growth works and learning how to apply that concept as we set goals for ourselves. To do this, we must focus on our personal progress and maintain a long-term vision; this gives us the capability to make exponential leaps in our pursuits and achieve what we have set out for ourselves. By gaining clarity about our objectives, developing powerful systems of execution, and regularly assessing our individual performance, we can increase our potential for growth along with our odds of achieving success.

Exponential Vs Incremental

Exponential thinking has become an increasingly popular mindset for entrepreneurs, visionaries and ambitious individuals in recent times. It can be summed up as the idea of striving for exponential growth over incremental change. Whereas small amounts of growth are seen as adequate or satisfactory when taking the incremental approach, exponential thinkers strive for exponential growth so that even small changes have large impacts. For instance, rather than analysis going from A to B with a series of smaller improvements, exponential thinkers seek to make larger leaps by looking at opportunity areas surrounding A and B and focusing the “leap” on them. This exponential mindset can be contrasted with the incremental mentality which focuses on making gradual but steady progress though analyses such as gap analysis and data mining. Ultimately, it is important to understand both exponential and incremental mindsets so that one can decide which approach best modules their goals.

Developing an exponential mindset is essential for success in and beyond the business world. It involves the ability to understand exponential change and think outside of the limitations of incremental analysis. Exponential thinking requires envisioning powerful exponential solutions, with exponential processes and exponential metrics, instead of incremental ones. By contrast, an incremental mindset relies on linear growth – small changes over a longer period of time – rather than exponential growth. Incremental analysis, which focuses on short-term gains over large opportunities, limits potential returns that could be leveraged from exponential thinking. Ultimately, exponential mindsets deliver significant returns but require actionable steps to be properly executed.


Conclusion paragraph: Exponential thinking is a powerful way to think about the world and your place in it. By developing an exponential mindset, you can begin to see opportunities where others see roadblocks. You will also be better prepared for the future, which is moving faster than ever before. We hope this article has helped you understand what exponential thinking is and how you can start using it to benefit your life and career. If you’re interested in learning more, we encourage you to join our community of exponential thinkers by signing up for our email list below. We would also love to hear from you in the comments section about your experiences with exponential thinking. What have been some of your biggest successes?

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