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The History and Definitions of Positive

Learn the History and Different meanings and Definitions of POSITIVE. Understanding the context and definition will give you a better and broader understanding of how to approach and apply Positivity. Check Out Other Links Here WEBSITES COURSES IMPORTANCE OF VOCABULARY: POSITIVE MINDSET VOCABULARY: More

What is a Positive Mindset? Definitions and Explanations

DEFINITIONS OF A POSITIVE MINDSET 1. a mental attitude in which you expect good and favourable results. 2. aprocess of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality – 3. the attitude of accepting into the mind thoughts, words, images and feelings that contribute to growth, success, andRead More

Words Which Mean The Opposite of Positive (Antonyms)

Join us in this episode as we discover words which mean the opposite of Positive. These are words which you should never use to describe yourself or your affairs. These words describe actions, results, attitudes and behaviours that are negative. When you use them to describe yourself, you might bringRead More

Words Which Mean The Same as Positive

Join us as we talk about words which mean the same as Positive. Improve your Positive Vocabulary by learning other words which have similar meanings to Positive. POSITIVE SUMMIT Do you believe in Positive Thinking? What does Positive mean to you? How have you benefited from Positivity?  Join us atRead More

The Depth and Degree of Positive

Degrees of Positive In order to determine exactly how well you know a word there are certain criteria or stages you should understand in order to define your level of understanding. · You have never heard or seen the word. · You have heard the word, but you cannot defineRead More

Welcome To The Positive Podcast

Welcome to the Positive Podcast. This is the Perfect time to launch a Positive Podcast when millions of people around the world are losing their livelihoods, friends and family. This is the time to send out a message of hope, love and inspiration to the lost, lonely, weak and heavyRead More

How To Earn 250K As An Authority In Your Field

Having the lifestyle you want with your business has nothing to do with tactics. It has to do with strategy. Things like:  What kind of product should I offer? Where should I go first to find clients? What about after that? How will I know it’s time to hire someone?Read More



Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to ADVANCING MINDSET The Home of Mindset on The Internet. The Home of Regulated Thoughts and Feelings Governed by Intellect Love and Wisdom We are Grateful and honored to Follow the Laws of the Universe. We Embed the Laws of God in our Hearts and Empower Humanity to AwakenRead More


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