Consistency Quotes: Advancing Mindset

Consistency Quotes -

Consistency is key to achieving your goals or targets. Without consistency you will give up and quit on whatever you are hoping for. Below are consistency quotes that will help you develop the willpower and mindset to keep on going everyday until you succeed in your endeavors.


Consistency quotes
Consistency Is The Quality of a Stagnant Mind
Consistency quotes -
Consistency Is What Matters The Most in Triggering Something Important To Your Life.
Conssitency Quotes -
Without Consistency There Is No Moral Strength
Consistency Quotes -
Consistency is Found in That Work Whose Whole and Detail are Suitable To The Occasion
The Secret of Success is Consistency of Purpose. Consistency Quotes
The Secret of Success is Consistency of Purpose
True consistency, that of the prudent and the wise. Consistency Quotes -
True consistency, that of the prudent and the wise
Do it again and again. Consistency Quotes
Do it Again and Again Consistency Makes the Rain Drops to Create Holes in The Rock

What is an Affirmation?

An Affirmation is a statement that asserts that something is true or it exists. The word “Affirmation” comes from the word “affirm” which means to testify or declare that something is true.


early 15c., “assertion that something is true,” from Old French afermacion “confirmation” (14c.), from Latin affirmationem (nominative affirmatio) “an affirmation, solid assurance,” noun of action from past-participle stem of affirmare “to make steady; strengthen; confirm,” from ad “to” (see ad-) + firmare “strengthen, make firm,” from firmus “strong”.

Affirmations are spoken to help strengthen and uplift the individual who is speaking them. They empower us to believe that whatever we want to manifest is true.

Your dominating thoughts create your reality. Your mind responds to the words that you use. It does not discriminate as to whether they are positive or negative. Whatever you think and speak forth is what you get. Therefore, if your intention is to lead a positive life you must watch what you say at all times.

Affirmations For Daily Use

Use affirmations to change your thoughts from negative to positively driven. They work best through consistent repetition. Therefore, when you affirm what you want to be or have you are empowering your self.

Below are affirmations that you should use on a daily basis. Affirm them without doubt or fear. Speak them by faith knowing that they have already happened.

I am confident in my abilities

I work hard to achieve my goals

I say NO whenever I don’t want to do something

I am the captain of my life: the master of my destiny

I surround myself with positive people

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly

I am a natural born leader

I am brave and courageous

I easily achieve my goals

I always know what to do

I am abundant and prosperous

I believe in the person I am becoming

I am a multi millionaire

My body is strong and healthy

My life is overflowing with joy and happiness

I receive wealth from all channels

I am grateful for my life

I have a positive mindset

I have an abundance of energy

I am a money magnet.