Wherein life

Wherein life’s years fill the kind midst,
Lights of Spirit linger in my soul.
A calm sea that holds me like a friend,
But its depths still a mystery unfold.

Hope is found in each wave that rolls by,
Breathing in bliss without sorrow’s reach.
The horizon brighter than I ever dreamed,
Its beauty and grandeur just out of reach.

What happiness found in life’s journey,
Joyous moments to savour with time.
Peacefulness deep within my being,
Wherein life’s years fill the kind midst.

Wherein life is but a dream
Lit by years of distant lights
The spirit within us fills the kind
Amidst a sea of forgotten delights

Wherein life sea years lights fill kind midst Spirit
A beauty that brings peace to the weary heart
Glimmers of hope, a glimmering light so bright
Blessings from above that bring new starts

The beauty of life seemingly unconstrained by time
The golden flames of joy guide us along
Where oceans abound and stars do shine
Our souls are drawn to belong

In the vast expanse of this infinite sea
We sail the ship of our fate on high seas
Years pass by too quick and make us feel free
But these same years have brought us utmost ease
But through it all we strive hard to survive
To live with faith and courage so alive

As we journey onward in this life’s stride

Kindness, love and spirit fill our hearts inside.

wherein life
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Photo by Nacho Juárez on Pexels.com
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Photo by Kellie Churchman on Pexels.com


By Joshua

My name is Joshua and I am a Mindset Coach. Entrepreneurs hire me to help them Think Positive, Be Emotionally Intelligent and Take Smart Actions

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