Affirmations For Money

Affirmations For Money - advancing,

Use Affirmations for money to develop a money conscious mind. We were taught to work for money instead of money working for us. When your mind becomes money conscious you will start attracting money to you.

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly

I am a magnet for money

Money come to me in expected and unexpected ways

I now receive all the money life wants to offer me

My bank account is overflowing with money

I embrace all avenues of Money

Money loves my wallet

I am worthy of making more money

Money is valuable and important

I attract huge amounts of money everyday

Money is a source of joy and happiness

I am open to receive money from different channels

I Receive and give money freely

Money is empowering

Large amounts of money are coming to me now

Affirmations For Love

Affirmations For Love

Affirmations for love are powerful and very trans formative when put into practice. Love is the greatest force in the world and for you to love others you must have love of yourself first. Love yourself then Love your neighbors.

I am full of love, Joy and Harmony

I love my life and Soul

I love the person I am becoming

I love my skin and complexion

Loving myself is essential to my happiness

I happily give love and receive love

I only attract loving relationships

Loving myself is natural and effortless

Love gives me freedom and security

I love the world and all its beauty

I walk in Love and speak with Love

I Love My neighbors as I Love myself

I Love my mindset and attitude

I Love and provide for those under my care

I Love to wake up everyday and face life

Affirmations For Confidence

Affirmations For Confidence -

Use these Affirmations for Confidence daily. Speak them with the faith that they have already happened. Speak them in full faith without any doubt.

I am confident

I am Bold and courageous

I am strong and powerful

I face challenges with confidence

I speak my mind with confidence

I always stand up for myself and my beliefs

I believe in my abilities

I dress with confidence

I am confident when speaking in public

Others look up to me because of my confidence

I walk with confidence

I talk to strangers easily

I speak with authority

I speak with authority

I always control my state of mind