What is a Positive Mindset? Definitions and Explanations

DEFINITIONS OF A POSITIVE MINDSET 1. a mental attitude in which you expect good and favourable results. 2. aprocess of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality – leadingpersonality.wordpress.com 3. the attitude of accepting into the mind thoughts, words, images and feelings that contribute to growth, success, and a satisfactory outcome – successconsciousness.com […]

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Ariyel Academy Positive Summit

Greetings Positive Thinkers I hope you are Great and making the most of the opportunities around. Be positive they said! Over time and life we hear the Word “Positive” used by Leaders, CEOs, Politicians, Medical Staff, Entrepreneurs. What do they actually mean? It is said that a positive mind will help you succeed in numerous […]

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How To Overcome Your Fear and Be Successful

Are you afraid of something, someone or place? We all suffer from the dreaded fear at one point in our lives. Across History and our world timeline there are numeruous examples of those who experience fear and let it control their actions, and on the other hand ther are examples of those who overcame their […]

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