The Importance of Improving Your Vocabulary

The Importance of Improving Your Vocabulary


The Importance of Improving Your Vocabulary in 90 Days: Transform your Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills


Learn the Importance of Vocabulary in Transforming your Life to Speak Better, Write Fluently, Read more and Enhance your Listening

You Will Have Never Thought That Knowing and Understanding the Importance Of Vocabulary Could Be So Beneficial to Improving your Communication Skills. We all can communicta effectively to a certain degreee. However, everyone we meet has their own unique vocabulary and in order to have efficient communication we must learn to use a variety of  vocabulary in different social environments.



Benefits of Vocabulary

    • More Success

      An improved understanding of vocabulary will create success for you in your business

    • Better Articulation

      Being articulate presents you as someone who is in charge of their thoughts and ideas.

    • Personal Power

      You will feel your personal power increasing through respect, influence and confidence.



Importance of Vocabulary

    • Improved Reading Comprehension.

      The more words you know and understand the better and improved your reading will be.

    • Effective communication.

      Successful communication is based on a great understanding of vocabulary.

    • Better Language Development.

      A rich vocabulary enables you to think deeply, read more and express yourself better.

    • Greater thinking and ideas

      The larger your vocabulary the easier it is for you to generate new ideas and lines of reasoning.

    • Faster information processing

      The more words you know, the faster and quicker you can input and process information.



    • Define and understand basic, medium and complex words

    • Develop new strategies to enhance reading comprehension

    • Understand different degrees and depths of a word

    • Identify tiers and types of vocabulary

    • Acquire new vocabulary identified from the assigned text

    • Transform your speaking and writing by using your new vocabulary

    • Enhance understanding of new vocabulary by making connections to related ideas and other words

    • Describe unfamiliar words in a writing and determine their meaning using a variety of strategies such as dictionary, search engine, prior knowledge, group discussion



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