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Welcome to Advancing Mindset, where we strive to empower people to reach their fullest potential by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources. Our mission is to provide a platform for growth, learning and advancing mindsets in order to achieve greater success and fulfillment. Here, knowledge and insight is shared through our articles, courses, workshops, coaching programs and collaborations. We believe that everyone has the ability to create positive change in their life through self-awareness and intentional effort. Join us as we help you tap into your power and unlock your true potential. Let’s get started!

Our Courses are designed for Distance and Online Learning. They have been created to fit around your busy schedule, family time and fun activities. Start learning today from the comfort of your home.

Positive Vocabulary Terms
How To Develop Gratitude
How To Develop a Positive Mindset

Life Changing Positive Vocabulary Terms in 90 Days

This Course will Help you Learn to Build Your Self Esteem, Improve Your Confidence and Develop your Character by using vocabulary and words that Energise, Uplift and Motivate you to be a Powerful individual

Benefits of Positive Language

The power of Positive talk

  • Positive Language Inspires and Motivates Others
  • Improved Self-Perception.
  • Increase cognitive reasoning
  • Improved Mood and Wellbeing.
  • Improved Relationship Between Parent and Child
  • Positive Vocabulary gives you a sense of direction
  • Improved Workplace Environment.


The Importance of Improving Your Vocabulary


  • Define and understand basic, medium and complex words
  • Develop new strategies to enhance reading comprehension
  • Understand different degrees and depths of a word
  • Identify tiers and types of vocabulary
  • Acquire new vocabulary identified from the assigned text
  • Transform your speaking and writing by using your new vocabulary
  • Enhance understanding of new vocabulary by making connections to related ideas and other words
  • Describe unfamiliar words in a writing and determine their meaning using a variety of strategies such as dictionary, search engine, prior knowledge, group discussion


How To Develop Gratitude

Explore what gratitude is and how it can benefit you. Learn practical techniques for incorporating gratitude into your daily routine. By the end you will have a toolkit of resources and strategies that you can use to live a more grateful life.

Benefits of Gratitude

There are numerous benefits to having a grateful attitude:

  • Increased physical and mental health, including improved sleep quality, increased energy levels and better self-esteem.
  • Proven to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Strengthens relationships with yourself and with others, leading to greater overall connection and contentment.
  • Improved problem-solving capabilities, allowing you to make better decisions and navigate difficult situations more effectively.
  • Enhances productivity, as it can help you stay focused on the positive aspects of any challenge or situation, providing additional motivation to succeed.


How To Develop A Positive Mindset

How To Develop A Positive Mindset

Are you looking for a way to become a more positive and confident person? Pursue your dreams with our online course on How to Develop a Positive Mindset. Through this course, you’ll transform your mental health journey into a set of achievable goals


Legal Vocabulary

Legal Vocabulary “Legal Terminology for Everyday Use”

The A-Z Glossary of Legal Terms

Learn Html Css and Javascript

This FREE course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Participants will learn how these programming languages are used together to create web development projects. Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding basic concepts and terminology related to HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Writing fundamental HTML code blocks for web page construction.
  • Working with basic style sheets for styling web pages using CSS.
  • Writing simple JavaScript functions for enhancing web sites or applications.

By the end of this course, participants should be able to create basic websites using the popular combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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Marketing Vocabulary

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