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Self Test Analysis Questions - 33

Self Analysis Test Questions

The following Self analysis Test questions are taken from the book ” Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He instructs us to read the questions and state you answers aloud so that you can hear your own voice.

Affirmations For Communication - 9

Affirmations For Communication

Efficient communication is key therefore, affirmations for communication will help you learn how to get your point across in a clear manner and get back the intended response

Affirmations For Public Speaking - 6

Affirmations For Public Speaking

Affirmations for public speaking are great for overcoming your fears of or improving your skills in public speaking.

21 secrets of self made millionaires 8

21 Secrets of Self Made millionaires by Brian Tracy

Learn 21 secrets that self made millionaires do to become successful. Learn from them and make them a daily practice.

Being Assertive 0

Being Assertive: Developing Positivity

An assertive person knows how to express their thoughts and opinions and get what they want without stepping on the rights of others. Learn how to develop your character and balance yourself between being passive and aggressive.

The Science of Getting Rich Chapter 2 - 0

The Science of Getting Rich: Chapter 2

THERE is a Science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws that govern the process of acquiring riches; once these laws are learned and obeyed by any man, he will get rich with mathematical certainty.

The Science of Getting Rich Chapter 1 0

The Science Of Getting Rich: Chapter 1

The Right To Be Rich WHATEVER may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich. No...

swot analysis

SWOT Analysis: AdvancingMindset

A SWOT analysis is a study or method used to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an individual, project, institution or business. It involves figuring out the internal and external factors that will benefit you or hinder your attainment of a certain goal or object