Welcome to the 50 Positive Affirmations For Women that will energise, inspire and uplift your day and attitude. A Positive woman is a Diamond to behold. She is radiant and shines her positive attitude across all

An affirmation is the act of confirming something to exist or be true. It is the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment. Speak them with 100% belief and visualise your goals as you affirm them. Engage your emotions and make them happen.

Use them daily and regularly. They work if you believe and back them up with emotion. Do not doubt when you state them. If you feel like you are lying to yourself keep going on. It takes consistency to build a habit so do not give up

50 Positive Affirmations For Women

I am Grateful for this Divine Female body

I allow love to fill every inch of my skin, and I will embrace the warmth this love gives to me.

I am a strong amazing ambitious woman

I am a beautiful and attractive woman

I am worthy of accomplishment, success, and abundance.

My contributions are constructive, unique and meaningful.

I love living in my divine female body.

Being a woman is the greatest gift the universe has given to me.

My mind and body are in complete alignment with the universe.

I open my mind and heart to the perfect love of God/Spirit/the Universe.

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Every day I am getting happier and happier in every way.

I love the way I succeed in everything I do

My life is full of Joy and Happiness

Everywhere I go, I attract joy and happiness.

Everything Positive thing I do brings me Happiness

I am full of energy and optimism. I am ready to find joy.

I am filled with energy for all the daily activities in my life.

Every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow and improve.

I am grateful for the lessons I will learn today

I am strong, confident, and motivated.

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I accept happiness into every moment of the day.

I can powerfully attract what I want.

I always focus on the Positive

I am happy and content with my body and shape

I love my beautiful hair and skin

I feel enerigised and divinely upliftes

I think positive and act positive

My happiness comes from within me.

My future is full of light and laughter.

I always do my best in every situation

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My body is a tremendous gift, and I will treat it with love and kindness.

I love myself and thank every part of my body for taking me through this day.

I will leave a legacy of love through my daily words and actions.

I overcome all obstacles and believe that my potential is limitless.

I am able to overcome any challenges that come my way.

The world is filled with endless opportunities for me.

Being a woman is the greatest gift the universe has given to me.

I can overcome anything that comes my way today.

The universe’s healing power flows through all the cells of my body.

My inner joy is the source of all the good in my life.

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I am perfectly created and divine in every way

I am smart, Intelligent and Creative

I possess the qualities I need to be successful.

Every day I am getting happier and happier in every way.

A happy, joyful life is being created for me right now.

Today I am thankful for new experiences.

I possess the qualities I need to be successful.

Today is the beginning of whatever I want.

I trust that I have the capability to achieve my goals.

Every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow and improve.

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