30 Positive Uplifting Quotes by Roy T Bennett

Embedded in this article are a Great collection of positive uplifting quotes by Roy T Bennett. They are thoughtful, inspiring, motivating and teach you a great deal about life. If you learn and apply this wisdom you will successful in a lot of areas in your life.

Roy was born on February 8 1939 and died on December 6th 2014. During his adult years he was elected chairman of the Ohio Republican Party in 1988, and held the position until 2009. He was  qualified as a Certified Public Accountant and an attorney specializing in tax and business law. He lived in Cleveland Ohio with his wife Ruth Ann and was survived by two adult children.

Roy loved sharing positive thoughts and creative insight that has helped countless people to live a successful and fulfilling life. He is the author of The Light In The Heart. Hope you enjoy his quotes

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”

“Always find opportunities to make someone smile, and to offer random acts of kindness in everyday life.”

A random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a tremendous impact on someone else’s life.”

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.”

Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.”

20 Uplifting Book Quotes
20 Uplifting Book Quotes

“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”

“Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals. If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.”

“Be brave to stand for what you believe in even if you stand alone.”

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

“Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular.”

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“Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future. There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.”

“Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.”

“Don’t let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions. It’s your life, not theirs. Do what matters most to you; do what makes you feel alive and happy. Don’t let the expectations and ideas of others limit who you are. If you let others tell you who you are, you are living their reality — not yours. There is more to life than pleasing people. There is much more to life than following others’ prescribed path. There is so much more to life than what you experience right now. You need to decide who you are for yourself. Become a whole being. Adventure.”

“Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring about what others think.”

“It’s your life; you don’t need someone’s permission to live the life you want. Be brave to live from your heart.”

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The Science of Getting Rich Chapter 1
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Affirmations For Confidence

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

“Let the improvement of yourself keep you so busy that you have no time to criticize others.”

“Life becomes easier and more beautiful when we can see the good in other people.”

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.”

“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”

“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.”

“Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes.”

“Sometimes you have to lose all you have to find out who you truly are.”

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.”

“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.”

“Take responsibility of your own happiness, never put it in other people’s hands.”

“The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.”

“The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence; the past is a place of learning, not a place of living.”

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.”


I am the captain of my ship: The master of my destiny.

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