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What is an Affirmation? 5

What is an Affirmation?

An Affirmation is a statement that asserts that something is true or it exists. The word “Affirmation” comes from the word “affirm” which means to testify or declare that something is true.

Affirmations For Communication - 9

Affirmations For Communication

Efficient communication is key therefore, affirmations for communication will help you learn how to get your point across in a clear manner and get back the intended response

Affirmations For Public Speaking - 6

Affirmations For Public Speaking

Affirmations for public speaking are great for overcoming your fears of or improving your skills in public speaking.

Affirmations For Health - 7

Affirmations For Health

Affirmations for health are your wealth. Without good health you cannot enjoy your life or wealth, its important that you take good care of your body

Affirmations For Money - advancing, 6

Affirmations For Money

Use Affirmations for money to develop a money conscious mind. We were taught to work for money instead of money working for us. When your mind becomes money conscious you will start attracting money...

Affirmations For Love 6

Affirmations For Love

Affirmations for love are powerful and very trans formative when put into practice. Love is the greatest force in the world

Affirmations For Confidence - 8

Affirmations For Confidence

Use these Affirmations for Confidence daily. Speak them with the faith that they have already happened. Speak them in full faith without any doubt. I am confident I am Bold and courageous I am...

40 Inspiring Love Quotes 22

40 Inspiring Love Quotes

Below are 40 inspiring love quotes to uplift your spirit and believe in Love “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is...

21 secrets of self made millionaires 8

21 Secrets of Self Made millionaires by Brian Tracy

Learn 21 secrets that self made millionaires do to become successful. Learn from them and make them a daily practice.

20 Uplifting Book Quotes 1,225

The Ultimate 20 Uplifting Book Quotes

Book Quotes are great for inspiring and developing an interest or passion in reading books and literature. Reading is essential in mind development and the more we read the more knowledge we gather